Anniversary Competition Summary

anniversary competitionsOn Saturday, September 14th, athletes triumphed over some of the toughest and most exciting problems on the East Coast for our anniversary competitions! Sydney McNair and Joey Jansen were two of the several talented setters of our USAC Rust Belt Youth Regional comp and our Tufas Tufurious Citizen’s Comp!

With over two hundred people in attendance, vendors, food trucks, and sponsored libations by Slow and Low, the Manayunk Brewing Company, and the Manatawny Still Works – it’s safe to say we’re planning our second party already! We would send extra-special love to PHLASH, Philly’s own queer climbing collective, People of Color Climbing Club, and the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Alpine Club,
Below is the point-value table for all those in attendance who handed in their score sheets. USAC Youth competitors can also view their official results on the USAC website! An overview of our anniversary competitions can be seen here >>
If you’d like to see more pictures of the event check out our Instagram @tufas_boulder_lounge

Tufas Tufurious


Men’s Beginner

Chanton Phan189.3
Courtney Scott144.6
Joseph Eichenhofer140
Abraham Kou135.2
Amr Mohamed119.4
Blake Capella115.2
Jonathan DIMarcangelo109.7
Wayne Zhao104.8
Alexi Windler100
Aiden Fox55

Women’s Beginner

Andrea Castro159.4
Marina Amoro159.1
Joanna Zheng133.5
Tea Huang129.2
Elyse Gadra125
Samantha Getz119.4
Crystal Xu104.1
Sol Hu94.9
Hanna Perlman89.7
Angela Song89.6
Kristen Musella69.9


Men’s Intermediate

Jason Prezant219.7
Kyle Luther209.9
Shao Ma204.8
Dominic R.K.200.8
Spencer Collins180
Scott Simon179.8
Scotty Hayden179.6
Grant Nussbaun174.7
Ike Silver154.8
Timothy Wasko150
Ilya Lgolnik149.6
Charles Harper135
Jacob DeHovitz134.2
Robert Lou124.8
Ben Christy124.6
Nadav Kaufman104.7
Michael Schraft99.8
Alexander Koo90
Matt Oslin84.8
Brad McNamee70.5
Arick Shahar69.9
Chris Sutanto69.9
Chris Mckernan44.6
John Kelly29.8

Women’s Intermediate

Charlene Smith204.4
Kenzie Clara194.9
Mara Burns184.7
Preethi Pallegar169.7
Alexa Cichon159.6
Delaney Allen-Mills129.9
Riley Londres124.7
Ariel Endress123.8
Brianna Townsend119.8
Kristen Branchizio105
Darby Levin104.3
Alyson Hidalgo89.8
Claire Brundage84.8
Selena Seto84.7
Caitlin Mixter64.9
Brooke Kelly59.8

Men’s Advanced

Auggie chi208.4
Richard Mac164.8
Michael Wadsley159.8
Dustin Miller154.5
Greg Loh149.9
Dalton Witham149.4
Josh Zimmerman143.6
Pedram Niknam133.9
Derek Strueby130
Max Leavitt124.7
Gavin Alcott124.3
Lukas Kallio124.2
Jessie King115
Alex Cobb109.7
James McCully104.6
Josh Ho104.1
Nathan Fishbein94.8
Randall Fryland94.5
Kai Burgmann35

Women’s Advanced

Anu Mclulloch129.6
Chelsea Sommer119.8
Avery Price109.6
Tessa Raines104.7
Anne Cheng89.7
Evelyn Jeong54.7

Men’s Open

Charlie Schreiber249.9
Noah Wheeler239.8
Samuel Gardner239.7
Kevin Celommi239.4
Lucas Oddi239
Isaac Leff218.6
Rusty Ford218.5
Ryan Fanchiotti199.5
Austin Hoyt198.9
Casey Simon187.9
Scott Barocas168.9
Benn Wheeler158.1
Adam Shahar153.7
Liam Strejcek153.3
Sam Elmore133.4
Max Blauer128
Philip Ridley109.3
Damon Sechler109
Sebastian Plainfield104.2
Jakub Tirb103.5
Cliff Simiaski98.8

Women’s Open

Melina Costanza233.7
kara Norton174.8
Sienna Perez174.3
Olivia Ma174.2
Eloise Klaris169.4
Jordan Carr164.5
Jordan Hecker159.8
Stephanie Celommi159.7
Maia Perillo154.4
Allyxandra Theus129.3
Ally Trexler108.9
Tessa Huang94.6


Men’s Finals

      1. Charlie Schreiber – 44.5
      2. Lucas Oddi – 39.7
      3. Noah Wheeler – 33.4
      4. Kevin Celommi – 29.3
      5. Samuel Gardner – 24.6

Women’s Finals

      1. Melina Costanza – 75
      2. Olivia Ma – 64.8
      3. Eloise Klaris – 54.6
      4. Sienna Perez – 44.7
      5. Kara Norton – 39.9

USAC Youth Bouldering Competition

Female Junior1Sara Altonen
Male Junior1Benjamin Lehrer
Male Junior2Joshua Masri
Female Youth A1Abigail Humber
Female Youth A2Alex Frenia
Female Youth A3Arwen Haegele
Female Youth A4Samantha Sheikhzadeh
Female Youth A5Sarah Durant
Female Youth A6Nina Patel
Male Youth A1David Kunz
Male Youth A2Anant Mathur
Male Youth A3Dylan Smith
Male Youth A4Creed McFall
Male Youth A5Antonio Tornese
Male Youth A6James Duncan
Male Youth A7Gavin Dimpter
Male Youth A8Jacob Lowry
Male Youth A9Jack Davison
Male Youth A10Colby Lairdieson
Male Youth A11Jack Gross
Male Youth A12Owen Frenia
Female Youth B2Piper Brugmann
Female Youth B3Alexis Herrera
Female Youth B4Nadia Cohen
Female Youth B5Sarah Mitchell
Female Youth B6Ada Desilets
Female Youth B7Cameron Beckey
Female Youth B8Isabela Morales
Female Youth B9Mackenzie Richter
Male Youth B1Josh Miller
Male Youth B2Martin Gaszner
Male Youth B3Matthew Baker
Male Youth B4Wyatt Haegele
Male Youth B5Sam DeJoseph
Male Youth B6Anton Smolyanyy
Male Youth B7Charlie Iovino
Male Youth B8Noah Pangaribuan
Male Youth B9Gunnar Russo
Female Youth C1Noelani Shimomura
Female Youth C2Jasmine Grant
Female Youth C3Mila Huang
Female Youth C4Avery Tessler
Female Youth C5Jeanne Lambert
Female Youth C6Addison Beckey
Female Youth C7Jolie Abadir
Female Youth C8Abby Kaufman
Female Youth C9Hannah Pangaribuan
Female Youth C10Estelle Clark
Female Youth C11Hunter Bliem
Female Youth C12Amaya Talbot
Male Youth C1Timothy Mckernan
Male Youth C2David Watts
Female Youth D1Ella Music
Female Youth D2Cala Miller
Female Youth D3Hayden Grimaldi
Female Youth D4Riley Rech
Male Youth D1Grayson Wimmer
Male Youth D2Ian Cowden
Male Youth D3Eric Dolson