Info For Registered Youth

Hello, TUFAS Caregivers!

Our Fall 2019 Youth Climbing Programs are about to kick off!!!
We’re so excited to work and play with your young rockstars soon and we want to give you some relevant information so that you can all start building the anticipation as well!
TUFAS values creating an inclusive and supportive community for all. We will have both returning students and students who have never rock climbed before and that is AWESOME. Rock climbing has a long history of mentorship and skill-sharing–we are all here to encourage and grow with one another so that every single climber feels empowered to challenge themselves in healthy ways that are suited to their experience. We’re so glad that your youth will be part of our community this Fall!

How to prepare your student for the first day

  1. If you haven’t yet, please complete the required forms before the first day of climbingClick here to fill out the required Registration Form, so that we can start class on time and strive for the smoothest first day possible.
  2. The best clothing to wear is clothing that will allow them to move/bend/stretch freely, but that isn’t so loose that it might get in their way as they climb up a wall. They will probably sweat! Clothes that will breathe and dry quickly as they sweat will help them feel more comfortable throughout the class. Cotton, linen, activewear, and moisture-wicking fabrics are all great options. Whatever clothing makes them feel most comfortable is best.
  3. Bring a water bottle and pack a snack. We will be using a lot of energy and often a quick snack can help keep youth-focused and energized, rather than hungry and distracted. We’ve all been there, am I right?
  4. Youth are strongly encouraged to arrive at Tufas 10-5 minutes before their class begins so that everyone can sign in, get their shoes, stash belongings, etc and be ready to begin class promptly!
  5. If your child will be joining us using the ShuttleBee service from ICS or Adaire, complete this registration form with ShuttleBee and contact your school transportation administrator to notify them that it’s ok to release your student to ShuttleBee for transport to TUFAS Youth Programs.
  6. Ask if your kid wants to invite a friend to sign up for their session! There is still time to enroll in our programs, having a buddy is fun, and participants will get a discount on a future Youth Programs session if they refer a friend!
You might be thinking, “I’m so excited about what this program will mean for my kid! I wish I could see those magical inspiring moments of success when my kiddo makes a breakthrough!”
We get it!
We value including you in the growth and inspiration taking place and coaches will be updating Progress Reports after every class so that at the end of our 8-week session, you and your child can see what they’ve learned and how they can continue to grow in future. Please, ask us questions! Ask your kids questions! We’ll bet they can teach you a little something.

Learn more than just a little something

TUFAS is offering guardians of Youth Climbers a FREE Intro to Bouldering class! Rock climbing is hugely rewarding for all ages and we’d love to include you further in our community. It’s a beautiful thing for parents and kids to share this activity with one another. We know you’ve been meaning to try it…Now is your chance!

We look forward to seeing you and your youngsters and we are so psyched to help them build their skills, self-esteem and problem-solving skills while making new friends!

Cancellation Policy

Parents/guardians are expected to notify Tufas Boulder Lounge if their child will miss a class before the class has begun. At least 24 hours prior to the start of a class, parents/guardians may request to schedule one make-up class on a different day during that same Session at no charge and will be informed by Tufas staff about which class they may join. Missed classes may not be made-up during future Sessions. Missed classes will not be reimbursed. Enrollment in a Session may be cancelled and potentially partially refunded if a cancellation email is received one week before the Session has started. Session enrollment costs will not be refunded if cancellation is requested later than one week before the purchased Session has begun. Session classes may not be purchased à la carte; Sessions are 8 weeks and must be purchased as a package. All of the above communications must be sent to