Think you missed out on these awesome classes? Dont worry! Enrollment will resume in the New Year!

Introduction to Bouldering Programs

New to bouldering or need a refresher? Tufas is pleased to offer weekly Intro to Bouldering classes. This class is fun and educational for all ages and designed for those who have never climbed before. For just $30, this class will teach you all you need to know to cruise up our walls.

  • All Ages
  • Beginner to Intermediate levels
  • 1:4 Instructor to participant ratio
  • Rental Equipment included
  • Day Pass included
  • Individual-based coaching within group

Reservations Available:

Thursdays, 7pm-8pm

Sundays, 1pm-2pm


Yoga with Instructor

Join our Yoga Instructors on the mat for our weekly Yoga classes. Yoga classes are designed to compliment and address the habits, strengths, and potential muscular imbalances common with rock climbing. Bring your own mat. We recommend reserving your spot in advance online.

  • $10 members
  • $15 Non Members
  • Max 30 people
Current Capacity
2 / 45