Battle of the Blocks 2024

Saturday September 14th

Preregistration opens July 14th – August 14th


Preregistration: $30

General: $35


Preregistration: $40

General: $45

What is Battle of the Blocks?

A climbing competition for EVERYONE! Join a team of thirty representing the neighborhood you live in and compete against five other neighborhoods for the glory of winning, or to take down our 2018 champions: New Jersey Jackalopes. Battle of the Blocks is not your typical climbing comp. For any climbs you can’t complete, you can make up points with minigames and challenges, keeping an even playing field for seasoned and beginner climbers! Additionally, climbs will be a blend of old routes, new routes, and unique novelty routes!


We are looking for three passionate team captains per neighborhood ready to lead their team to victory! Not a lot of climbing experience? No problem! We are looking for team captains with a variety of qualities and experiences! Click below for more information and to submit a quick application.


Not interested in competing? Volunteer with us to enjoy the Battle of the Blocks event and receive the following perks!

Non-members: 3 FREE Day Passes

Members: 3 FREE Guest Passes

Dinner provided

What neighborhood am I in?

Centered Google Map



Why should I sign up for Battle of the Blocks?

Because you love climbing, you love your neighborhood, and SOMEONE needs to steal the crown from New Jersey.

What is the competition schedule?

3:30pm-4:00pm: Registration
4:00pm-7:00pm: Climbing + Minigames beginning at 4:30pm in 30 minute increments
7:30pm: Award ceremony
Post competition enjoy food and beer!

What will the boulders be like?

There will be 70 total boulders, 35 will be old climbs and 35 will be brand new for the competition. Of the new climbs, there will be 15 exciting novelty boulders distributed between the different climbing circuits.

This format is designed to help reduce the stress of performing by allowing competitors to show their skills on boulders they’re already comfortable with and challenge themselves on new climbs if they wish!

How does scoring work?

You may climb as many routes as you’d like and your top 5 point values will contribute to your neighborhood’s score. The neighborhood with the highest overall score will win, but recognition will be given to individuals with the highest scores.

Bonuses can be earned on 3 of your 5 climbs. Successfully achieving a bonus doubles the point value of your climb. To earn a bonus have a team member do one of the following while you successfully complete the route.

1) Do 1 pushup prior to each move you make
2) Spin around a dizzy bat 10 times during the time that you are actively climbing (after you’ve touched the second hold and before you touch the final hold.)
3) Hold a headstand the entire time you are actively climbing.

How do the minigames work?

There are three team-building games that all team members must complete together. Each team will rotate from climbing into their games portion of the competition 30-minute intervals. All three games must be completed in the time slot for maximum points.

Should I wear a costume?

Costumes are welcomed and encouraged but not required! Just be sure to wear your team colors and something you are comfortable climbing in.

There will be a prize for best costume

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