Join our 1-Year Anniversary Bouldering Competition, Tufas Tufurious. Details Here.

Anniversary Competitions

Bouldering Comp Philadelphia

1 Year Anniversary

On September 14th, 2019 Tufas Boulder Lounge is celebrating it’s first FULL YEAR of being open with a USAC comp and our own branded citizens comp, Tufas Tufurious. After the competitions there will be a HUGE afterparty with music, food, drinks, games, and prizes. If you have been to a party of ours before you know not to miss out on this one.

USAC Youth Bouldering Local

Modified Redpoint Format
  • USAC Youth Bouldering Locals: The USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Locals is the first phase of a multi-month series culminating with a national finals event. To learn more about Youth Locals and Nationals, please go HERE. To compete, please ensure that you are a USAC member.
    All competitors must fill out a Tufas Boulder Lounge waiver HERE

Tufas Tufurious Citizens Comp

Our very first Tufas Tufurious comp will have a MASSIVE $2000 Cash Purse to be split between the winners
There will be prizes for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced

The competition will be a modified redpoint format
USAC competitors can compete but will not be elgible for the cash prizes since they’ve climbed the routes the morning of.
All competitors must fill out a Tufas Boulder Lounge waiver HERE

Parking Info

Free street parking is available but limited. If there are no spots the closest parking lot is 1320 N Front St