Small Business Saturday

We want to thank all of those who made Tufas’ first Small Business Saturday a success!


Our event hosted 9 local businesses (including ourselves) and all the proceeds went to Operation In My Backyard. OPIMBY is a Philly based Non-Profit who’s mission is to end the stigma of the way society views substance use disorders through education, outreach and teaching harm reduction practices in drug using communities and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Local Businesses

We want to make sure that even if you couldn’t attend Small Business Saturday you can still check out the local businesses that attended.  You can find links to their websites and descriptions below.

  • Beauty Counter
    Did you know the Personal Care industry is poorly regulated? Well, Beauty Counter is a website where you can learn about and buy products that are actually healthy for you and your body.
  • Colleen Rudolf
    Colleen Rudolf is a multi-media artist, specializing in sculpture and photography.
  • Sea Heart City Press
    Meredith Ackery creates handcrafted and heartfelt cards that make you want to send actual mail again.  You can find her cards in our retail section on your next visit to Tufas.
  • Sal Zullo Photography
    You might have seen Sal at Tufas and thought he was just another regular climber, but he couldn’t be further from that.  Sal specializes in Travel photography and his work will soon adorn the walls at Tufas.
  • KWT Designs
    Kimi makes beautiful works of apparel like pins, keychains, and clothing. All are perfect gifts to get your loved ones for the holidays
  • Lush Gardeners Club
    Nicole will work with you to plan out that perfect garden you’ve always wanted. While she isn’t working she is making the neighboorhood beautiful with her guerilla gardening.
  • Maggie Martin Artwork
    Maggie makes original pins, bookmarks, shirts, prints, and more. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well for updates @maggiemmartin
  • Home Brewed Events
    HBE is an event management team centered around everyone’s favorite adult fizzy brew. Not only do they host events but are also leaders in the beer education space.