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Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Become a Supporter or Apply for a Youth Scholarship

Tufas’ Youth Scholarship Program is based on our acknowledgment of systemic injustice and mutual respect for one another. We encourage youth to apply who are underrepresented in the climbing community.

Become a Youth Scholarship Supporter, Sustainer, Or Outreach Advocate

Tufas Youth After-School Climbing Program currently offers four Scholarship positions every Session. With the help of our community we would like to increase the number of scholarships available. Everything that you donate to Tufas’ Youth Scholarship Program goes towards guaranteeing a spot for an aspiring young climber in one 8-week Session ($200) of our Youth After-school Climbing Programs (YACP). Youth also receive a Membership for the duration of their 8-week Session.

  • Sustainers contribute a sliding-scale ongoing donation to the Tufas Youth Scholarship Program. It’s as simple as adding a few dollars to your monthly membership cost.
  • Supporters make a one time donation to the program.
  • Outreach Advocates help spread the word and connect local youth to this opportunity

To become a Supporter, Sustainer, or Outreach Advocate please email to reach our Director of Youth Programs.

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Apply For A Tufas Youth Scholarship

Systemic injustice compromises the financial stability of many families in complicated ways. We don’t make applicants jump through hoops. Tufas asks instead that applicants examine their financial situation and decide what they feel able to contribute to our programs. The goal is to arrive at a number that supports families’ financial well-being and also acknowledges the energy that Tufas puts into our programs. This number could be anywhere from a small discount to a full scholarship . We understand that financial need is a sensitive topic and we appreciate the trust given to us when community members ask for support. We especially encourage youth to apply who are underrepresented in the climbing community.

If you have questions about applying, please email to reach Rachel Fifer, our Director of Youth Programs.

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