I began climbing back in high school in 2012 in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. A coastal city located several hours from the nearest rocks, there is a surprisingly strong climbing community that has developed with the only bouldering gym in town. I continued climbing through high school and my time at the College of Charleston, where I led the Climbing Club on trips throughout the Southeast’s legendary bouldering areas. I started routesetting at the gym in 2016 and continued up until I moved to Philadelphia in 2021. In all of my climbing-related endeavors, I hope to create and foster the same passion for the sport that I have, and create memorable experiences for climbers of all levels. Outside of climbing, I spend most of time playing piano. I’ve been a gigging jazz pianist since I was 13, and I firmly believe that it’s been pretty good cross training for finger strength. I’m very excited to be a part of the community at Tufas and look forward to learning how to be a better setter, resource, and student for the community!