Tufas Tufurious

Tufas Tufurious Bouldering Competition 2019

When: December 3rd

Where: Tufas Boulder Lounge

Cost: Pre-Registration: $50 / Day-Of Registration: $65

Tufas Boulder Lounge is proud to bring back Philly’s premiere bouldering competition Tufas Tufurious! Our competition will consist of a citizen’s and an open competition in the afternoon followed by an exciting finals round in the evening.

The citizen’s competition will be one modified redpoint session lasting 3 hours. Competitors will be scored based on zones and tops within their selected category’s 8 boulders! Competitors will select one of the following categories: Beginner (V0-V3), Intermediate (V3-V6), and Advanced (V6-V8). Prizes will be awarded for the top-3 competitors for each category.

Open competitors will also climb in the same 3-hour session with a modified redpoint format. Competitors will be scored based on zones and tops within their 8 boulder problems. Competitors looking to compete in the open category should be climbing V9+. Open finals will consist of the top-6 competitors, where they will battle it out on 3 finals problems in an onsight format. Awards will be given to the top-3 competitors.

All individuals are encouraged to place themselves in whichever gender category they identify with.

We will continually be posting updates on our social media related to the competition as we approach the event!

Tufas Tufurious 2022 Comp + Anniversary Party FAQ


  • Each category will have roughly 8 pre-determined climbs assigned to the respective category
  • Each climb will have a 4 point start marked with 4 pieces of tape, competitors must establish all 4 limbs (hands and feet) on these 4 holds/volumes before advancing to another hold/volume
  • Each climb will have a hold/volume marked ZONE and a hold/volume marked TOP, these are your scoring opportunities. Competitors must control the zone hold with one hand in order to obtain the points and 2 hands on the top hold to obtain the points.
  • Scores will be a ratio of zones and tops plus the attempts. AKA the more zones and tops you obtain in the least amount of attempts gives you a higher score. These ratios determine the rankings.
  • Control means you can use the hold/volume to stabilize or change your current body position.