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Intro To Bouldering

Are you interested in rock climbing but don’t know how to get started? This is the perfect 1 hour introduction to bouldering. Our trained staff will guide you through the basics and leave you confident to come back for more.

Bouldering Progression 101

$50 for members, $100 for non members

This 4-week progression is designed to help new climbers develop a consistent warm-up practice, learn fundamental climbing techniques, and hone our focus and intention. While anyone is welcome to join, this introductory course was developed especially for beginners who want to take their climbing to the next level. Intro to Bouldering is a great precursor to taking this 4-week progressive, but not a prerequisite.

Bouldering Progression 201

$50 for members, $150 for non members

This 4-week progression is designed specifically for intermediate climbers looking to expand and develop their climbing abilities. With lessons focused on finessing technique and building mental skills for problem-solving, participants will soon have the tools needed to project climbs confidently, push their climbing grades, and build their personal climbing routine. It is recommended to have taken Bouldering Progression 101 or be comfortably climbing in the purple circuit.

Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered at Tufas for climbers who are looking for individualized attention with more customized lesson plans built specifically for the clients goals. Free 30 minute consultation for members. Non members pay $30 per person for consultation. Includes discussion of goals and movement analysis.

Private Instruction is climbing focused with lessons and exercises taking place on the wall. Fitness-based Personal Training is available upon request for patrons looking for additional instruction.

3 Private Instruction sessions are recommended to start. Participants are encouraged to take the survey afterwards to provide feedback. Email rachel@tufasboulderlounge.com for more info.

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