General Manager

Rachel (she/hers) – I first tried rock climbing in 2008, when four friends invited me out to sport climb in the Andes mountains, where I discovered my irrational fear of heights and swore I would never rock climb again. Years later, I discovered that climbing could be an empowering and intriguing puzzle when surrounded by supportive community. As a lifelong dancer, I appreciate the flow of graceful movement, and the precision of intentional technique. Climbing has led me to believe more fully in my own strength and capability and has expanded my community all over the world. I’m passionate about working to make rock climbing accessible to all marginalized communities and I strive to foster a more supportive, humble, and joyful culture. (Photo by Braden Nesin, Hella Positive Pin Up and Boudoir)

(General Manager, Private Instructor, Front Desk Staff)