Rachel Fifer (she/hers), a lifelong dancer and athlete, first tried rock climbing in 2008, when four friends took her out to sport climb in the Andes mountains. Upon her discovery of an irrational fear of heights, the four guys yelled at her and refused to lower her until she made it to the top, terrified. She swore she would never rock climb again. Years later, when friends gently invited her to come climb with them near Boone, NC, Rachel discovered that climbing could be incredibly supportive and fun! And she was good at it! Since then, climbing has led to adventures all over the country. Rachel is especially passionate about encouraging female-bodied climbers and beginners to trust themselves and be bold, and she tries to foster a more supportive and less egotistical culture around rock climbing. Movement is a joyful privilege and we are all our best selves when we celebrate each of our journeys with humility and gratitude.

(Photo by Braden Nesin)