Hello, I am from Islamabad, a hilly city in Pakistan (also the capital). I have been mesmerized by the mountains since I was a kid. I got into climbing in 2009. Climbing was a relatively undeveloped sport in Pakistan back then, there was nowhere to buy gear and there were no climbing gyms. I remember we had to go to the crag at 6 am in the summer and stop at 11 am because it was too hot to climb after that. It was one of my most fun climbing experiences. I enjoy traveling. I lived in SE Asia for 7 years and Switzerland for another 3 years. Switzerland is an amazing place, the mountains are entwined in Swiss culture. It is extremely easy to find a
partner for an easy hike or a 4000m alpine ascent. Everything is at max 2 hours or so by public transport. Switzerland has by far been my favourite place to live, up till now at least. I moved to the US less than a year ago and am still adapting to the local customs but looking forward to learning more :). Moving to a new place can be hard in terms of building a social circle. Fortunately, Tufas existed. I have made most of my friends here. I liked it so much that I joined the staff. Outside of climbing, I like science and engineering and I’m always up for a good discussion on machines. Oh…. also I like to play drums but I’m pretty bad at them.