Hann (they/them), entered the world of rock climbing in the dead of winter in 2018 and just a year later found themselves wrestling pebbles in Joshua Tree. Although Hann’s journey started with bouldering, they quickly took to discovering new heights through sport climbing and spend as many weekends as possible out at the crag. Hann has been working as a childcare provider in some capacity for the past 10 years so their passion for sharing rock climbing with kids ignited swiftly. Climbing has been a healing agent in their life that helps them connect with their mind, body, the world around them and their community. Hann’s favorite part about coaching is helping to facilitate these magical connections in the children they work with. When they’re not coaching or climbing, Hann works as a nanny and kid’s yoga teacher. They enjoy hiking, riding their bike, building community, dancing and spending time with their pet cat and turtle