I grew up in the Poconos with no idea what climbing was. The first time I ever had the chance to experience climbing was at Frost Valley YMCA in upstate New York when I couldn’t have been older than 11. I was so scared of falling that I cried on top-rope and couldn’t get more than halfway up the 25 foot route. At that point I swore climbing wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until college when a bunch of the kids I thought were cool invited me to go to the “Red Barn”, RIT’s on-campus woody shack, that I tried it again. I was hooked. From that summer on, I was closing down the gym most nights of the week and haven’t looked back since. That was summer 2019 and I’m stoked with the progress I’ve made since then. I’ve never been the strongest, most flexible, or powerful climber but that’s forced me to be strong willed, able to find the “gross” beta, and buckle up and train. I’m always down to talk beta, technique, or training. In my spare time I love to cook, program, and talk about the benefits of walkable cities. Plus, always looking for buddies to help me get outdoors more!