Reserve a Spot
Because we will have reduced capacity we recommend that you reserve sessions. Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. Before reserving a spot you must first have completed a waiver and established an account with MindBody.
  • 2-hour reservations are available
  • We may adjust this length of time depending on demand from day to day.
  • You may use as much or as little of your reservation time as you like.
  • Due to limited capacity, please be mindful if you make more than one reservation at once. We want everyone to have a chance to climb!
  • Limited walk-in spots available, for now. You can check our website for a real-time capacity counter. Again, reservations are the best way to guarantee a spot.
  • Cancellation Policy: Please be considerate! If you have to cancel, do so in your MindBody account at least 24 hours beforehand to allow others access to limited spots. If Non-Members don’t cancel 24 hours (or more) beforehand, you will not be refunded. We have a 1 strike policy for Members: If Members No Show once, we’ll forgive you. If Members No Show for a second time, you will be charged the cost of a Discounted Day Pass.
  • Guest Pass Policy: Members may use two $10 Discounted Guest Passes per month. Due to limited capacity, these passes may not be used to make reservations ahead of time; they may only be used as walk-ins.

You must have a waiver on file in order to reserve a spot.

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Current Capacity
19 / 45