Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

Because we will have reduced capacity we recommend that you reserve a session. Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. Before reserving a spot you must first have completed a waiver and established an account with MindBody.

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Sessions last for 2 hours. If we’re not at capacity after your 2-hr Session, you may ask the Front Desk Staff if you can stay past your reserved Session


Check our website for a real-time capacity counter!

Reserve a Spot

Guest Passes

Members may use one free Guest Pass per month. Due to limited capacity, these passes may not be used to make reservations ahead of time; they may only be used as walk-ins.

Cancellation Policy

Please be considerate. If you have to cancel, do so in your MindBody account at least 24 hours beforehand to allow others access to limited spots or call our Front Desk. If Non-Members don’t cancel 24 hours (or more) beforehand, you will not be refunded. We have a 1 strike policy for Members: If Members No Show once, we’ll forgive you. If Members No Show for a second time, you may be charged the cost of a Discounted Day Pass.

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