One Big Quaranteam


This page is for all the different resources and activities Tufas wants to continue to give to the community. This will cover everything from live streams of our instructors teaching classes, links to support others in your local and global communities, and even links to those Tufas playlists we all miss hearing. All content on this page is free with the ask that if you can pay for anything please do so. If you enjoy these classes, consider contributing both to the instructors’ paypal/venmo/cashapp or the Tufas Employee Relief Fund

Strength and Mobility Foundations for the Rock Climber
Day & Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5pm
Instructor: Harnoor Singh
How to Join This Class: Visit This Page to participate in the class
Cost: Donations can be made through Venmo @Harnoor-singh-1 and Tufas GoFundMe Page

Class Description:

Harnoor Singh is a doctor of physical therapy and has built a foundation strengthening and mobility class for the rock climber.  This class will be focused on teaching the foundations of push/pull strength and hip mobility so that we can find greater carryover in our climbing practice. Tuesday classes will be pure push/pull strength, Thursday classes will be pure hip mobility, and Saturday classes will be a mixture of both.
Head Over to Our YouTube Channel to Watch Live
Can You Keep Up With Team Tufas?
Day & Time: Fridays @ 12-1pm
Instructor: Cait Vitale-Sullivan
How to Join This Class: Visit This Page to Join the Livestream!
Cost: Donations can be made through Venmo @Caitlin-Vitale-Sullivan and Tufas GoFundMe Page
Class Description: This is the first in a series of classes to get you moving, to get your muscles stretched, and a chance for you to see if you can keep up with Team Tufas! All material is part of our usual youth program warm ups and conditioning, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Challenge yourself to move and laugh and stay tuned for a special activity at the end of class to keep you moving in your home!
About the Instructor: Cait Vitale-Sullivan is a Tufas Youth Coach (and Routesetter), with a love of climbing, movement, and fun. She has a background in climbing coaching and outdoor education for elementary students.
Tufas Too Fun
Instructor: Austin Zeller
Cost: Donations can be made through Venmo @AustinZeller or Cash App $StinZeller 
Class Description: Join Coach Stin for some fun games and exercises to help stay active! We’ll do a warm up, play three games with some climbing muscles and skills engaged, and end with a cool down.

This is our employee relief fund. All donations will be dispersed directly to employees and can be made through our GoFundMe Page linked below.


One of Tufas core values is supporting local small businesses like us. Please take a moment to thank all the people who continue to put their health and well being on the line to take care of us. Of course all of the health care professionals, but also the people who keep our grocery stores operating, the delivery folks keeping up supplies, the people who are keeping the lights on, the water on, collecting our garbage, recycling, and compost, and to all the people who are caring for others. Click here to find how you can donate PPE supplies to Philly area hospitals dealing with shortages during the pandemic. And check out some of the ways below where your help would be instrumental.
  • Do you have a car and are you healthy to the best of your knowledge? Register with Philly Food Rescue to help them continue to provide no-contact pick ups and drop offs in order to get food to those in need. They are considered an essential service, so they will stay open as long as volunteers keep showing up! Download their app in order to register.
  • Find out which school nearest you is distributing meals to local children in need. They probably need volunteers!
  • Do any of your neighbors need help with groceries or picking up medications? Ask! If you want to directly support neighbors who are most vulnerable and affected by COVID-19 (the sick, elderly, disabled, undocumented, single parents, queer, Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color, those quarantined without pay, and those limited in work), check out Philly Mutual Aid – Neighbors Helping Neighbors to be matched with community requests as they’re made.
  • Donate nutritious food to your local food pantry, rather than your local food bank. This cuts out a lot of distribution time and decreases the need for social interaction in order to transport food from food banks to food pantries. Don’t know where your closest food pantry is? Search your area through this locator provided by Coalition Against Hunger.