Routesetter – Part Time

Part-Time Routesetter

Job Description

Tufas’ Mission

Tufas Boulder Lounge provides Philadelphia with a homegrown space dedicated to co-creating community through climbing, fitness, and local partnerships. We strive to expand accessibility to this sport we love, especially to marginalized climbers. Tufas seeks Staff who are passionate about building the climbing culture that we envision to be possible, one based in growth, humility, enthusiasm, athletic empathy, and shared joy.

About Tufas

Tufas Boulder Lounge is a 12,700 sq/ft bouldering only facility, created by local Philly climbers, and located in the heart of South KensingtonReports To

The Routesetter will report to the Head Routesetter and Director of Routesetting.

Job Overview

Routesetters will work under the guidance of the head routesetter to create boulder problems in line with Tufas routesetting philosophy. Routesetters will embody Tufas mission of inclusivity in providing high quality and diverse boulders for all ability levels.

Hours and Shift Expectations

Routesetters are expected to work at least 2 shifts per setting period. Setting period is generally every week. 9 hr per day with 1 hour lunch break. Setters are expected to work more hours when preparing for competitions and events.

Responsibilities and Duties

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Quickly and efficiently setting routes and boulder problems of all grades from V0 up to V10 or harder.
  • Forerun routes and problems providing constructive feedback to setting team members.
    • Take constructive feedback and make appropriate changes to your product.
    • Strive towards inclusive and empathetic routesetting
  • Stripping, washing, and sorting holds.
  • Assist the team in maintaining a clean and organized work environment.
  • Follow workplace safety procedures using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and fall protection at all times.
  • Be able to set from a ladder, rope, or lift as required.
  • Perform routine gym maintenance and special projects.
  • Expected to work overtime to support competitions and special events.
  • Reporting directly to Head Routesetter, which includes taking leadership and ownership for projects and tasks delegated to the position
  • Setter of community standards for climbing ethics and conduct
  • Ambassador to working with and supporting a positive team environment
  • Re-set all bouldering walls in the gym on a 6-8 week cycle
  • Work as an equal team member for the promotion of the product while committing to improving ones own craft
  • Maintain routesetting equipment including impact drivers, screws and hardware,  and ladders, repairing or suggesting replacement as needed

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Provide a positive role model and inspiring climbing mentor for new climbers, youth team members and community members.
  • Enforce behavior expectations and discipline when appropriate.
  • Welcome and inspire all climbers regardless of their experience or ability.
  • Capability to provide and receive constructive criticism with regards to edits of problems and routes


Education level:

    • Any further education past High School (preferred)


      • 5 years climbing experience (preferred)
      • 1 year of commercial route setting experience. (preferred)
      • 3+ years of coaching or instruction experience.
  • Specific skills
    • Able to set and forerun up to V7 or harder. (Climbing V7+ not mandatory)
    • Comfortable climbing lots of V4 -V5 boulders
    • Able to compel movement through intuitive routesetting
  • Personal characteristics.
    • Strong work ethic and community role model
    • Welcoming to and sets for all climbers regardless of their experience or ability.
    •  Passion for climbing and community
    • Willingness to work with a team
  • Certifications.
    • Some level of USAC setting certification is preferred, but not required.
    • Some level of AMGA or CWA instructor certification is preferred, but not required.
  • Licenses. (NA)
  • Physical abilities.
    • Able to redpoint and forerun 5.11+ and V6/7
    • 5.13 and V10 is great but most of our climbers climb V7and under


Part-Time Staff: Hourly

Starting Pay Rate Scale

Experience Base Rate

2 Month Training Pay (if needed) $15.00

1 year $16.00

2 year $17.00

3+ year $18.00

* Maximum pay rate: $20

* Eligible raise increase based on performance evaluation:

* Prerequisite: Apprentice Routesetter Position at Tufas or previous Setting Experience


  • Access to Tufas facilities
  • 20% off Retail
  • Unlimited guest passes
  • Tufas Gear at cost

Setter Specific Benefits

Acquired after 3 months of employment

  • 1 Pair of climbing shoes

How to Apply: Email your resume to